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At the The bears about road shirt and I will buy this end of April, the Toronto-based artist and designer Sean Brown posted images of a series of rugs he’d been working on to Twitter. He had a feeling there would be some interest, with so many people sprucing up their apartments during lockdown, but he wasn’t prepared for how viral the designs would go. As his phone started blowing up (the original post currently has over 90,000 likes) he realized he’d created something that spoke to the present moment by perfectly mining from the past.  Thats all fine for you. It is an individuals choice how this goes in their lives. You must be younger, I say that as an observation only.Me: connected for 50+ years(I’m 63)to the same people, career, own a home free and clear, cars etc, but it’s some of it that needs to be kept in the house and yard, and get away with Halloween and all “we” want me to with wife. So it’s the apple cart-how many of my remaining years do I want to spend explaining myself to everyone I’ve known since I was in kindergarten. A lot of the girls I went to school with are lesbians-I ran with them-and I think they may know, but thats about it.

The bears about road shirt

“I really believe that art does reflect the The bears about road shirt and I will buy this times we’re in, so I don’t think it would have gone the same way if I was still running around, or on tour and doing all these things on the road,” says Brown. “I think being at home gave me a more centered focus on what direction I was headed in next.” The rugs, each handmade with a dye-cut center to emulate the shape of a CD, feature designs from iconic records, such as Lil’ Kim’s Hard Core, Sade’s Love Deluxe, and Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, attracting this active new community of fans and followers to buy some of their most formative records for their living room floors.  While Brown’s practice has spanned a number of disciplines over the years—from photography and fine art to creative direction for music artists, the latter including an ongoing collaboration with the Canadian singer Daniel Caesar—today, he sees the urge to define a creative career with a single label as outmoded. “I don’t think with the way the world is going now that you need to have a title per se, it’s just about having an idea and executing it from start to finish. I think the communication of your idea just needs to be clear. So I think it’s just being an ideas person, that’s what my day-to-day is.”

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