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In his music, Frank Sinatra sustained and stretched his lyrics, drawing out a word as though he was simmering them over his jazzy melodies. His career would have a similar endurance—lasting a remarkable half of a century with highs, lows, a few comebacks, and a couple of farewells. The story of his life and legacy is told in Frank Sinatra: All or Nothing at All, which was first released in 2015 on HBO as a four-hour, two-part documentary. Directed by Alex Gibney, it made its Netflix debut this summer. Watch for footage of a waifish young Sinatra in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey, memories from his long list of glamorous lovers (Nancy Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, and even Lauren Bacall), a look at his less savory associations with mobster Sam Giancana, and his friendships with the Proud republican for biden 2020 shirt In addition,I will do this Kennedys (Sinatra even built JFK a room at his home in Palm Springs, California). The documentary unfolds like an autobiographical discography of his work—each song tells of a moment in his life—and a viewing will have you singing Sinatra for days after. When the aliens descend and try to make sense of what the humanoids were thinking during this dark chapter of our recent history, I truly believe that Jordan Firstman will be their most effective guide. The filmmaker, actor, and writer has become a pandemic hero to many, capturing the unbelievable-and-yet-it’s-happening horror of our recent reality through his “impressions,” which are more like Dada theater delivered in hysterical bite-size Instagram postings than anything normally animating your social media feed. See, for example, his interpretation of “the coder who is responsible for the simulation we are living in in 2020” or someone “addicted to say that quarantine isn’t that different from his normal life.” (Remember that? Still feel that way six brutal months in, buddy?) The pandemic has exploded mediums: Plays are being staged on on Zoom; the New York Philharmonic is cruising the city in a pickup truck—and never have I been so content to abandon any my preconceptions about where entertainment should reside as when I’m watching Firstman. He’s an entertainer of the first order, no matter how you’re watching him. —Chloe Schama

Proud republican for biden 2020 shirt

A few weeks (or was it months?) ago, I happened upon Albert and David Maysles’s Christo’s Valley Curtain (1974), a thrilling look inside the Proud republican for biden 2020 shirt In addition,I will do this planning and very complicated unfurling of an ambitious installation in the Colorado mountains by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. With the recent addition of The Gates (2007), the Criterion Channel is now streaming all six of the Maysles brothers’ documentaries on the late couple and their outsize work, from the time when they shrouded the Pont Neuf in Paris with fabric to when they covered parts of California and the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan with yellow umbrellas. Remember when New Yorkers had so little going on that a trail of orange curtains in Central Park was kind of controversial? Memories! —Marley Marius Ted Lasso, on Apple TV+, might be the most heartwarming series I’ve watched all year. It’s the story of an American football coach, played by Jason Sudeikis, who gets hired to manage a Premier League soccer team in England. He has no idea what he’s doing, but his persistent optimism and penchant for collaboration help him get past the crowds yelling “wanker” as the soccer team loses repeatedly. It might sound saccharine, but the characters surrounding Lasso (Juno Temple as the resident WAG, Hannah Waddingham as the wily team owner) ensure that the plot stays sharp. New episodes stream every Friday, but thankfully five are already out, so first-time viewers can effectively binge-watch this weekend. —Ella Riley-Adams

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