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The homewares series has also reconnected Brown with the Jim jones drink up vintage retro shirt moreover I love this more holistic approach to design he cultivated at the beginning of his career with cult sportswear label NEEDS&WANTS—so much so that he’s now planning to revive the label with his first new designs in three years. “That’s kind of how I was programmed as a store manager or a buyer,” Brown continues. “There’s a shirt, there’s the pant, there are the accessories, and then you have to think about how everything is going to live together. I think that side of me comes out with the rugs because I’m always thinking, what do we pair it with? What home does it go into, and what is the couch that it goes with? How do all the colors fit together?” Even if the frenzied response to the rugs has much to do with their nostalgia factor, Brown’s personal selection process behind which CDs to recreate lies more in the aesthetic value of the original disc designs. “The whole reason I chose that specific album for the Jay-Z rug is not actually because it’s my favorite Jay-Z album to listen to from top to bottom,” Brown explains. “But in terms of design, it works best because of the gray.” (He’s keen to note, though, that all of the artists are ones he hugely admires.)

Jim jones drink up vintage retro shirt

That doesn’t mean the Jim jones drink up vintage retro shirt moreover I love this more sentimental throwback appeal of the rugs is lost on Brown. “I was talking to a friend and we were discussing how we don’t think it’s fair to judge art so harshly in the moment, because it can mean something so different to the following generations,” he says. “I remember being a kid and my parents judging people like Diddy because it was a new and very flashy kind of rap, which strayed away from what purists wanted rap to be. But as a kid, my eyes were wide open, even though the generation then thought they were doing hip-hop culture a disservice. You look back now, and people who are older now want things to go back to that, and they have a problem with all the Lils and the face tats and the dyed hair.”

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