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Chelsea in 2020 is unrecognizable from the The Sanderson Sisters IHOP Hocus Pocus shirt besides I will buy this place I was brought home to from the hospital in the late-1980s. Growing up I was one of a small group of children in the neighborhood. Today, you can’t walk a block without tripping over a double-stroller. The High Line attracts millions of visitors a year as an above-ground park stretching 1.45 miles along the west side of Manhattan. The 24-hour diner where they used to let me play the piano for tips when I was too young for my feet to touch the floor now serves a $22 pastrami sandwich that comes with herb fries. In 2000, The New York Times remarked: “few neighborhoods in Manhattan have evolved as strikingly and as quickly as Chelsea has in recent years.” Evolving is one way to describe it. Since my parents moved into our house, Chelsea has become the ninth richest neighborhood in the five boroughs. I was extremely privileged to grow up in the home and area that I did, as well as to have the option to return to them this spring. Now the neighborhood is changing once again, and for the first time in a decade, I’m here to witness it. Since graduating college I’ve lived in many neighborhoods, but never back in Chelsea. Like lots of young adults leaving the nest, I felt the need to distance myself from where I grew up and was lucky enough to be able to, even if that distance spanned blocks not miles. To me, Chelsea meant my parents and nothing else. To this day I still refer to their house as “Chelsea” when talking to friends. (Use that in a sentence? Sure! “I’m going to Chelsea to have dinner with my parents tonight.”)

The Sanderson Sisters IHOP Hocus Pocus shirt

And some of do live as a guy, and some of you can get away with having pic’s and stuff, but some of us come from the The Sanderson Sisters IHOP Hocus Pocus shirt besides I will buy this 50’s, and it is wired a little different for us. How would you like to walk in for coffee with dad and even though you’ve been alive all his life you’ve never seen him with his hair in curlers with that pink bathrobe and floppy bunny slippers-you would not be ready for that, neither are my kids. At 63 I don’t want to spend the next 10 years trying to see my grandchildren. Get it, right? It’s a conversation better over coffee than a screaming at me thing, I love my kids-BUT-can they be open minded enough? I hear them, and I see them and they are bot how would you say “friends of”, so I’m in for this

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