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“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the The bears about road shirt in contrast I will get this fall,” F. Scott Fitzgerald once said. The first step towards reinvention? Changing up your hair color, of course. “It’s all about making [hair] richer, warmer, or cooler, as well as getting rid of unwanted tones from the sun and elements,” says colorist Aura Friedman, who suggests cleansing hair with Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo to undo the damage of fade-inducing sunlight, chlorine, and seawater. Once strands are detoxed, you can recalibrate your choice shade, she says. Here, the most sought-after pros weigh in on how to tweak your hair color come autumn. For blondes, there’s no time like fall to embrace warmth. Why? Because “ashy and beige shades wash out your complexion,” explains Rita Hazan, the woman behind Beyoncé’s blanched lengths. Mèche Salon’s Matt Rez agrees; for glowing color with a graceful grow out, he first creates dimension with butterscotch lowlights, then bolsters highlights with a golden gloss, he says. Whether washed-out ginger or eye-popping vermillion, avoid cool undertones.

The bears about road shirt

“Warmer tones, like auburn, tend to be more flattering,” explains Hazan, who is partial to a solid color for redheads. To maintain vividness, the The bears about road shirt in contrast I will get this stylist’s three-minute in-shower Ultimate Shine Gloss will protect color while giving it an extra boost. If you do want the balayage treatment, tone highlights with a copper or strawberry hue, adds Rez. Loved your response. Well we do have a facebook group going on (hopefully but tbh nobody is posting) The intention of this space is to drive conversations, not to have a bunch of cross-dressing admirers going “oh you are so sexy” there’s no conversation there and instead the topic of conversation is about how sexy you look. I did see a few thousand early teens join in. Even if the space goes inactive after a couple of years because we ran out of topic, I would be glad to know one reader found a question “Should I feel weird for wearing girl clothes eventhough I am a boy?” and read the answers and our comments to it. If we start allowing pictures everybody would post pictures and sink all those important topics deep below and the only conversation going is picture posting and thirsty people commenting on the pictures and hoping to get a date.

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