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“I thought, ok, I’ll take a couple months off the Tarkov merch store eft shirt so you should to go to store and get this pom pom baskets—which were going insane! It was like, there were 200 stores. We were shipping constantly, it was this crazy scene. And people were starting to copy me but I was like, ok, it’s not out of control yet.” It was at the peak of the pom-poms that she was back in Brooklyn, preparing her family home to be sold and making plans for her elderly parents to move to Los Angeles. Gran’s parents’ Park Slope house, which was a gem of property she describes as a “decrepit, beautiful mess” with fireplaces in every room, was eventually sold. She found a place in the Valley that could accommodate both of her parents, with room for carers and enough enclosure to stop her father from wandering off. But as things in life go, her mother passed away before the big move. Her father came to L.A., but the new landscape and the absence of his wife was too much. Gran lost both of her parents, and her childhood home. Then, with her business besieged by imitators around the world, Gran closed her company.

Tarkov merch store eft shirt

In the Tarkov merch store eft shirt so you should to go to store and get this wake of it all, she decided to make the new property in the Valley “full on homestead,” she says, enriching her world and channeling her grief into learning how to grow plants and care for different animals. Her dog Felix’s mammoth stature is documented on her Instagram, where he perches on the same mid- century magenta chair, gradually engulfing it over the years. On their street, known as a place where people like Frank Sinatra had their country homes, neighbors trade produce.Lockdown has added to the gratitude Gran feels for the space that New York City simply could not have provided. Like many others, she’s been doing a lot of cooking and baking while spending more time at home. Here, she shares her recipe for her pavlova, which she makes using her duck’s eggs and citrus from her ever-expanding garden. When it comes to decorating the pavlova’s top, she says “messier the better.” Messes can, and will, end in tremendous beauty.

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