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At photo calls, the Single taken mentally dating bob morley shirt in contrast I will get this outfits were as eventful. Lovers star Stacy Martin shined in a navy Louis Vuitton mini dress meets bomber jacket while promoting her latest project. Likewise, the journey from the water taxi to step and repeat never looked as good as when jury member Ludivine Sagnier emerged in a floral Miu Miu piece from the brand’s spring 2020 collection. Right now, the entire world is watching as the festival provides a template on how to safely stage a high profile event while adhering to health guidelines. Masks and social distancing are now mandatory for attendees but that hasn’t dimmed the glamour. The inspiration provided by Venice’s films, fashion, and stars gives a glimpse of the red carpet’s future in 2020 and beyond. The pavlova—a layer cake of meringue, cream, and fresh fruit—has some qualities in common with Eliza Gran’s approach to design. Pavlovas are elegant, versatile, and balanced. For the top, you use what you have. And in order to make the most beautiful pavlova, you have to have the confidence to make a mess.

Single taken mentally dating bob morley shirt

Chickens, ducks, turkeys, and dogs roam freely across Eliza Gran’s Los Angeles living room, where freshly cut flowers are crowded lusciously into one of a kind vases, and vintage textiles, records, and books adorn most corners. “It’s always been super important to me that home is a nice place to be, with a lot of books, a lot of good music, food, flowers…” she says. “It needs to be a place where your kids and their friends want to hang out—otherwise they’ll turn 13 and you’ll never see them again.” When Gran moved from New York to California, long before eggs were sparse in American supermarkets mid-pandemic, she replaced her Brooklyn-bought dozens with brown, white, and blue eggs pinched from her birds’ respective coops. In between appointments with her interior design clients, Gran maintains her acres of trees that fruit everything from blood oranges to guavas. Gran’s sunny ecosystem, in which she tends to animals, vegetation, and her three teenagers, grew from sad circumstances. Gran had initially moved away from New York, where she grew up, for her husband’s job. Their family lived in a small cottage on the Single taken mentally dating bob morley shirt in contrast I will get this Venice canals, where Gran had developed her now-omnipresent handmade pom pom baskets. But then her dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Gran realized her life needed to change in order to support him and her mother.

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