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Instead, Huneeus offered up her own modern, oceanfront retreat for a pop-up. “Angelina has a Fortuny lamp in her studio in the Indianapolis colts dressed to kill for shirt Apart from…,I will love this city and it always reminded me of, years ago, staying at the Royal Tents in Pushkar, getting a facial and looking at a block-print Fortuny fabric,” says Hunneus. “I said we should get one of those tents and do something really fabulous.” The two rented a bohemian canvas pergola tent and set it up among the California wildflowers growing exuberantly in Huneeus’s front garden, where the tall grasses and a natural wood fence keep it secluded. (In fact, Umansky and Hunneus aren’t the only dynamic aesthetician-client duo doing this. Three months ago, New York-based Chanel Brow Artist Jimena Garcia relocated to California and started tending to her clients’ brows poolside at a friend’s home in the Pacific Palisades. “I have a beautiful table with all the linens out there,” she says. “This is how we roll now.”) When I arrive to Huneeus’s, she is there on the table, wrapping up her own treatment. I wait on the deck near one of the guest cottages for Umansky to finish and then re-sanitize her equipment and the tent. Thanks to a few extension cords, she’s able to offer her full skincare menu including the services she does on me: a Biologique Recherche Triple Lift which uses a microcurrent machine to hydrate and sculpt the face and an inflammation-busting Lightwave LED infusion treatment. Most of the women she’s seeing here are her regular clients, and friends of Huneeus; now she’s treating their husbands and kids too.

Indianapolis colts dressed to kill for shirt

In the Indianapolis colts dressed to kill for shirt Apart from…,I will love this masterful care of Umansky, feeling the ocean breeze against my skin, sensing the butterflies and hummingbirds pleasantly at home in Hunneus’s magnificent garden, I can imagine I’m on the table at a world-class five star resort in Bali, Greece, or anywhere but home. And maybe that’s what I long for the most. More than great, glowing skin, which Umansky certainly gives me, I miss the transportive effect of being at a spa. That feeling of escape into a world of peace and pampering, far from worry or real life. Lucky for me, right now that’s as close as a friend’s backyard. While some cities are starting to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the country are continuing to wear masks in public and practice social distancing. Vogue is committed to staying safe and offering hopeful, optimistic content that highlights moments of camaraderie and exceptional acts of heroism from around the world. We are all looking for a little comfort too—be it a soothing Instagram account or a stylish creator on TikTok. It reminds us of the power of little things. To that end, we have searched the web for things to brighten up your summer days ahead.

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