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Now that you have your “meat” base, it’s time to put it all into a skillet along with a little more chili powder, garlic powder, and red beans and rice seasoning—“or whatever multi-spice you usually use,” along with some blue agave. “Can you smell it? Smells good don’t it? Yeah I know!” Brown exclaims. She pours her canned bean trio and some cut tomatoes into a pot on low heat, then tops it off with corn, the Got naloxone shirt in other words I will buy this meat base, and vegetable broth “like so like that.” As it starts to sizzle, sprinkle on some brown sugar and barbecue sauce “just for a hint of flavor” while it cooks on medium. Then, she grabs her bowl to serve and adds vegan shredded cheese and fresh chives on top. Now it’s time to eat. “Ain’t this a good time to be thankful, just to be here?” Brown says. “It’s so good, y’all!” she says after taking a spoonful. “As the world starts to feel a little bit heavy, I hope that making a little bowl of chili can make it a little bit lighter. Let’s focus on the positive.” This past week on Instagram was filled with braided beauties. Megan Thee Stallion rocked a thick single braid along with sleek, artfully styled baby hairs and cherry-stained lips. Hairstylist Vernon François showcased his braiding skills on his daughter, who rocked golden cornrows with a smile. Similarly, Tolu Oye, designer and co-founder of Oye Shea Butter, sported cornrows of her own; hers festooned with cowry shells.

Got naloxone shirt

On a different glam beat, Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira stepped out with a serious glow that was enhanced by forrest green lids and peachy cheeks. Speaking of glows, Imaan Hammam’s natural curls framed her glistening, dewy complexion, while Jaycina showed off her own radiance with a sleek bun to complement it. Wellness was a priority this past week, too. FKA Twigs stayed active by doing some “jumpin’ and twirlin’ and flippin’” of her own in the Got naloxone shirt in other words I will buy this gym. Keri Shahidi shared a video of daughter Yara before devouring a plate of fruit “art”—a reminder that being healthy can be fun and creative. “Feeling positive and recharged,” wrote model Parker Kit Hill alongside a serene flick. “I hope you guys are taking time to put your phones down to get clarity on things that you need in order to stay happy. Be there for yourself.” Is there any place in America more culinarily rich than California? The Mediterranean climate yields a cornucopia of citrus, the sweeping coastlines provide the freshest of catches, and the fertile soil grows an ample bounty of vegetables. (It’s no surprise that Alice Waters pioneered the country’s modern farm-to-table movement from her restaurant, Chez Panisse, in Berkeley.) Then there’s the state’s array of cultures: California has the largest immigrant population of any state, with Mexican-Americans and Asian-Americans, in particular, bringing their cooking styles to the table. Add a focus on wellness and health, and you’ve got an abundance of diverse, homegrown, and delicious fare.

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