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From snowstorms in early October to sunny and 75 degrees in November, the Excision Merch Lost Lands Slasher Shirt Furthermore, I will do this last months of the year never fail to offer entertaining weather patterns. So, it’s unsurprising that dressing for fall is the greatest fashion feat of all. Layering the right fabrics to stay both cozy and cool, switching out skimpy tanks and denim shorts for cashmere shrugs and structured pants, and remembering to bring a jacket after months of searching for airconditioning are just a few of friendly reminders fall is near. But before it’s time to officially swap swimsuits for sweaters and ditch open-toed sandals for up-to-the-knee boots, there is a special season that combines the thrills of summer with the comforts of autumn we like to call endless summer. It spreads the first few weeks of September when temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. A time for bikinis and bombers, bucket hats and beanies, even bleached denim and booties to all coexist in one transitional wardrobe. Weekends (or months) spent soaking up the sun at the beach might slowly come to an end, but that doesn’t mean summer’s favorite ’fits are also over. Fall doesn’t technically start until September 22 anyways, so don’t start storing your shorts and white jeans just yet. Instead, lean into the art of dressing for the great outdoors, a practical aesthetic that requires all the more options without all the rules. On a breezy afternoon, throw a colorful Tommy Hilfiger crewneck over your two-piece or style your one-piece with a pair of jeans and a Chanel chain belt for a day that starts with sunbathing in the park and ends drinking cocktails on the curb.

Excision Merch Lost Lands Slasher Shirt

Idris Elba is one of those Hollywood stars who simply never fails to deliver on the Excision Merch Lost Lands Slasher Shirt Furthermore, I will do this red carpet. The British actor, who turns 48 today, can rock a suit like no other. In fact, you’ll likely never catch him in a look that’s not perfectly tailored. Over the years, Elba has been consistent in this approach, drawing on a variety of suiting that’s always streamlined but never boring. He will flaunt everything from a gray checkered two-piece with a pageboy cap, to an all-black tux with a bowtie for evening. Even his off-duty look is worthy of the spotlight. It’s why he stands apart from his peers, and has done for the better part of a decade.

Excision Merch Lost Lands Slasher Shirt Unisex Hoodie

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