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The clothes were conversation starters, but the Dachshund Dandelion Flower Shirt moreover I love this look’s biggest surprise came courtesy of hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, who created a memorable platinum blonde ponytail to match the outfit. Detailed with an airbrushed version of the famous monogram (a technique that was also at play by hairstylist Jawara at February’s Emilio Pucci showat Milan Fashion Week), Cardi’s mile-long extensions were a sight to behold. Playful with a graffiti ombre effect that worked in the colors of her top, the hair elevated the entire look. Anyone can wear a bag covered in logos, but only the truly dedicated will take things head to toe in epic style.

Dachshund Dandelion Flower Shirt

Instagram is a portal of discovery for fashion obsessives. It’s a platform made of millions of accounts dedicated to highlighting brands, both big and small, as well as artists and designers that most of us have never seen or heard of before. It’s a place where unknowns can make a name for themselves without any financial or networking restraints holding them back. Now, in the Dachshund Dandelion Flower Shirt moreover I love this midst of a pandemic that threatens to put many emerging brands and designers out of business, Instagram is becoming one of the best ways for them to market themselves and put their work out into the universe.

Dachshund Dandelion Flower Shirt Hoodie

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