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While a no-brainer for allover health, getting adequate sleep and controlling stress play a pivotal part in keeping your gut in check. “The stress hormone epinephrine allows gut bacteria to proliferate,” explains Christine Frissora, MD, an associate professor of clinical medicine in the Be the change earth shirt What’s more,I will buy this division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. “The gut bacteria then bind to the intestinal wall and cause inflammation.” What’s more is that sleep loss can disrupt the regulation of the brain’s flow of epinephrine, thus causing an increased concentration of gut bacteria. To ease into an earlier bedtime, turning in 15 minutes sooner each night will help to gradually arrive at a goal bedtime that ensures the suggested seven or eight hours; and to quell anxiety and keep stress levels low, techniques like a brief morning meditation or a short walk during the workday are small changes that yield big results.

Be the change earth shirt

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