Starting Tomorrow Whatever Life Throws At Me I’m Ducking Shirt

Blames Dems for making it political and calling it a hoax and the flu. Denied science and experts. Refused  Starting Tomorrow Whatever Life Throws At Me I’m Ducking Shirt responsibility What’s your point? Kind of like how Dr. Fauci’s critique of Trump completely evaporated tonight after he was probably threatened by the dictator in chief who doesn’t even know the three levels of government that we have and said that he has complete authority over states. Democrats are amazing. If Trump shut down the country he’s a dictator if he doesn’t he’s irresponsible. You people want to criticize him no matter what. Kinda takes away all credibility. Go vote for your child groping dementia patient Joe Biden then you sick puppy.

Starting Tomorrow Whatever Life Throws At Me I’m Ducking Shirt

Sometimes I Get Road Rage In The Grocery Store Shirt

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